Under the sea: jewellers dive beneath the waves for inspiration

Urchins, jellyfish, crabs and sea stars come out of their watery habitat dripping with gems in these colourful under-the-ocean jewels.

Theo Fennell Hermitage opening ring in yellow, rose and white gold with a 64.53ct cabochon aquamarine, rubies and diamonds.

By Ase Anderson in London

The balmy weather has put us in the mood for some summery jewels. Crystal blue waters, with waves gently lapping at the shore, undersea creatures and beautiful seashells have all inspired some wonderful pieces that give off a distinctly warm-weather vibe.

From the new Ocean of Dreams collection, the Sea Star Boodles bracelet and ring conjure up these treasures of the sea with an ethereal combination of white and pink diamonds.

Reminiscent of a sea urchin, Boucheron's Oursin ring from the Rivage - meaning seashore - collection features cabochon sapphires, decreasing in size toward the middle of the ring and offset by sparkling white diamonds. The collection as a whole was inspired by 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' painting by Japanese artist Hokusai.  

The distinct umbrella shape of another sea creature, the jellyfish, is brought to life with almost freakish realism in a pair of Leyla Abdollahi earrings. Featuring Tahitian pearls set in platinum, you can rest assured that the sapphire and diamond tentacles on these Doris earrings won't sting you.

The hypnotic Aquaray collection from Dubai-based Phioro is inspired by founder Clare Pardoe's obsession with manta rays. A blue-green colour palette evokes the underwater world these graceful creatures inhabit.

As a child I would spend hours combing the beach for unusual seashells to bring home as holiday souvenirs. Fast forward to today and these Seaman Schepps and Silvia Furmanovich earrings bring back those childhood memories, albeit in a more luxurious form. The latter is renowned for her use of innovative and unusual materials including shells as well as real flowers and copper.

Taking the treasures of the sea to a new level, the Theo Fennell Hermitage ring features a mesmerising cabochon aquamarine that opens up to reveal a miniature hermit crab in rose gold, set with rubies. The body of the ring depicts a magical underwater world with hand-engraved seahorses, turtles and fish, all set with pavé diamonds.

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