Cute as a button: Pom Pom Dot by Pomellato

Pomellato introduces Pom Pom Dot, a fresh and versatile concept of playful, double-sided everyday jewellery.

Pom Pom Dot necklace with diamonds by Pomellato

Pomellato's latest collection, Pom Pom Dot, presents a new double-sided collection of jewels, a clever innovation that offers two stone options in each pendant or bracelet. Unveiled on April 4th, 2024, in Paris, during an elegant soirée at its “button-decorated” boutique, Pomellato celebrated the debut of the collection with a gathering of celebrities, influencers, and brand aficionados who came together to preview these charming button-inspired treasures.

Here are five compelling reasons why Pomellato’s new line is set to steal your heart:

1. Versatility: The double-sided designs of Pom Pom Dot offers two stone options in each pendant or bracelet. This versatility allows wearers to easily switch between different colours and gemstones to match their outfit or mood.

2. Positive Energy: Each stone in the collection carries its own positive force. For example, malachite promotes inner peace and hope, diamonds bring courage and strength, mother of pearl well-being and emotional balance, and grey mother of pearl embodies the virtues of wisdom and patience.

Italian-Senegalese model Amina Seck, a Pomellato brand ambassador, wears two Pom Pom Dot necklaces at the launch of the collection in Paris. 

3. Heritage and Symbolism: The design of Pom Pom Dot draws inspiration from a gold necklace from 1974 featuring a button motif. This motif, with its historical significance as both a functional accessory and a talisman, imbues Pom Pom Dot's soft round silhouette with modern symbolism, representing connection and protection.

4. Quality Craftsmanship: True to Pomellato's reputation for excellence, the new collection showcases meticulous goldsmithing expertise. Every detail, from the pleasing round shape of the disc to the 'gold thread' embellished with white diamonds, reflects the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Pom Pom Dot necklace by Pomellato
Pom Pom Dot jewels by Pomellato come in three striking variants. The first pairs green malachite with mother of pearl, the second showcases white diamonds alongside mother of pearl, and the third combines grey and white mother of pearl.

5. Understated Elegance: Pom Pom Dot jewels embody the beauty of understated elegance, influenced by Milanese design. The sleek rose gold, paired with the soft contours of the disc, exudes a sense of modernity and sophistication while remaining versatile enough for everyday wear. This design philosophy is a hallmark of Pomellato, whose Milan headquarters houses over 100 highly skilled artisans dedicated to handcrafting each jewel with passion and precision. 

As the youngest addition to Pomellato's collections, Pom Pom Dot promises to delight all jewellery enthusiasts in search of fun, quality, originality and versatility.

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