HERSELF Magazine launches The Glorious Issue, dedicated to the women the fictitious editor Lula most admires. Entirely illustrated, Lula gives us a new take.


HERSELF magazine is unlike any other glossy you will find in the 'fashion' section of your local newsagents. And that is because for starters, it is edited by a ficticious character called Lula. What's more, Lula takes it upon herself to illustrate each and every one of the 246 pages creating an entirely new genre of magazine. Think of it as luxury manga for Fashionistas. Even the advertisements from big names such as Prada on the back cover or Giorgio Armani and Gucci are given the Lula treatment and have been re-done in the house illustrative style. 

Lula, the tantalisingly curvy pop-tastic doll-sized editor, trawls the world of fashion, accessories and jewellery and brings us her take on what is hot. A confessed lover of jewels, each illustration features magnificent jewels from the latest collections, all captured with precise attention to detail and styled by Lula herself.  

Issue Three of HERSELF, The Glorious Issue, is dedicated to female heroines. Lula explains the inspiration behind the latest issue: "We try to draw a singular portrait of fashion and whilst we imagine the world of our dreams, we interview prominent real personalities, asking to portray themselves "with their very own words."

Have a look for yourself as each picture in HERSELF magazine speaks more than many thousands of words. Bravo Lula, you are truly different.  

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