Hannah Martin


Hannah Martin, the hip London jewellery designer, works out of a little studio on the suitably cool fringes of the City of London. Here she dreams up a fantasy world in which bad boys from Russian gangsters to preying pirates roam unshackled through the underworld, collars turned up and flashing glints of gold and dark pearls that adorn their bodies. This collection is called "The Forgotten Treasure of the Infamous Aguila Dorada" and you can imagine what sort of villains inhabit this fantasy world. For this decadent and dissolute dream-man, no ordinary tie pin or polite signet pinkie ring will. He has an array of jewels that are as hard edged and decadent as his modus operandi. Charged with eroticism, these jewels are about as sexy as it gets without veering into the land of lewd. It's hard to pin down what creates the erotic tension in Hannah's jewels. Maybe it's the nubs and swoops and facets of finely polished gold combined with the elegant suggestion of a manacle or maybe its the sensuality of the abundance of the dark lustre of pearls and the allure of smokey stones. Put them together and these man jewels whisper bad, bad boy.

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