|  30 jan 2011

Nicko McBrain: Hello, darling.

Maria Doulton: Hello. Tell me what jewellery you like.

Nicko McBrain: Oh, what jewellery I like. I like that jewellery that the girls wear, you know when you've got a little pair of skinny drawers on and they're covered up with jewellery.

Male Voice: I think she means what you're going to wear, Nick.

Nicko McBrain: No, she said...

Male Voice: Isn't that what you wear?

Nicko McBrain: No!

Male Voice: Talk about something that you wear.

Nicko McBrain: Well, I don't really wear an awful lot of jewellery. I have a gold chain with a crucifix.

Male Voice: You're lying...

Nicko McBrain: Oh, I do now and then. Of course, I have this, always. I have a Rolex watch, it's an Oyster Perpetual, "Oh," but it's not perpetual at the moment because the battery's gone on it, so it ain't working!

I usually like to wear bracelets occasionally.

Male Voice: Don't forget about the big, gold medallion.

Nicko McBrain: Oh, the big, gold medallion. Yes, I've got a big, gold medallion round here that says, "Who's your daddy?" written on it, and on the other side it says, "I'm not sure". 

Anyway, oh, God. What have you lot got me into here!


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